New IE8 beta 1 tantalizes, rough edges and all

To coincide with the first day of MIX08, the first beta of Internet Explorer 8 has been released. The big feature is, of course, better standards compliance, and to this IE8 adds a few small bells and whistles. This release is aimed squarely at developers so that they can get a head start on preparing their pages for the new browser; a later beta will be more suitable for a wide audience.

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mighty_douche3975d ago

I guess ill hold off for the more public beta before i give it a try. But its gonna have to be pretty special to get me off FireFox now.

vidoardes3975d ago

It's too slow for public consumption atm, I have had to start using it today for my job (I am a web designer). the standards compliance is pretty good, but I will have to wait for a more efficient version till I pass judgement

PROGnosis3975d ago

It wasn't special enough to get me off Mozilla FireFox

PopEmUp3975d ago

but firefox 3 is still a killer

ar3975d ago

The main reason I prefer Firefox is the huge library of plugins. Won't change to IE any time soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.