Ridge Racer 7 scans

Famitsu Weekly this week had these 2 pages about Ridge Racer 7, that will of course be ready for the PS3 launch.

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Donkey Slayer6345d ago

(well not 1080p 60fps like the game supports). It's hard to go back to screenshots. The game looks absolutely gorgeous in motion :)

sa739176345d ago

Bottom right hand corner looks to be a setup screen for 5.1 surround... (and before any fanboy jumps up and down about Sony touting 7.1 and this only being 5.1 - I DON'T CARE!)..

Nice to know we'll be able to hear the cars fly by on all sides..

Donkey Slayer6345d ago

Either way, can't wait to give a play.

shortyNZ6345d ago

the only good ridge racer game was on ps1, hopefully they get it rite this time, not holding my breath tho


I hope they can revive the series, because it was classic back in the day and deserves some next gen development.


Ace Combat 7 Director Asks Which Ace Combat and Ridge Racer Remakes You Want

Remakes and remasters have become a staple of this generation, and Ace Combat 7 Game Director Kazutoki Kono opened a couple of interesting polls on his Twitter account about two of Bandai Namco’s most classic series.

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theXtReMe12873d ago

Give me every Ace Combat from 1 to 5 and any Ridge Racer will do. Flight Combat is my favorite genre, Ill take everything you can give me.

Abriael2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

I'd be happy with Ace 5 and RR T4 :D

And an Ace 3 actually localized without removing the whole story.

bouzebbal2873d ago

Ace combat everyone than 6.
RR type 4 was amazing.. One of my best memories

DevilOgreFish2873d ago

Ridge Racer 4 all the way.

Aenea2873d ago

I totally agree! Love flight games and racing games, whenever I bought a new PlayStation a Ridge Racer was always that I got with it, was kinda bummed there was (and still is) none for the PS4

CrazedFiend2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Adventure and maybe even FPS games makes sense but Why do THESE games need remakes?

DafunkyRebel2872d ago

Ace Combat 5 was the best and most memorable hands down

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Philaroni2873d ago

4, 4, 4, 4. Ace Combat Four.

FITgamer2873d ago

Yeah boy. I spent so many hours on that game. One of my favorite PS2 games.

nix2872d ago

I played one where the wingman becomes the main villian. Can't remember which one it is.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2873d ago

4 was the first one I played and it was really good. But I like 5 the best. Being able to control your comrades was great and the story was just slightly better. Though no one is more legendary than Mobius 1.

Bennibop2873d ago

Ridge racer 4 would be amazing!

ritchi452873d ago

AC4 was my first experience not only of the series, but also my first PS2 game. Remember hammering it for hours at Xmas when I got it.
Would love to see it brought back :)