28 Strange Games for 2008 - Think originality in gaming is dead?

From Gameplayer: "It's often said that the mainstream games industry is pushing quirky games to the edge of extinction. This is a lie. There are more weird and wonderful games than ever before, and they become weirder and more wondrous every year.

To prove the point, we've gathered a list of 28 Strange Games that are due out in 2008. They've all got something different and unique to offer, and all of them are worth checking out… "

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SlappingOysters3968d ago


LocoRoco was awesome, I really want to check out this sequel

Originality isn't dead in gaming at all!

ChickeyCantor3968d ago

2 games..
so far i guess?

but even a moron can figure out that almost every game(mind the "almost")of today is "recycled".

But i guess people are also scared for trying new stuff, if concept A is selling since the year zero why bother make concept b?....its a shame that the majority aren't trying something totally different.

BrotherNick3968d ago

Man, that site's ad is sure annoying, won't come off my screen. Screw it.

SubzeroX3968d ago

I think real gaming is dead basically.