Official Media Create Numbers

These are the official numbers from Media Create.

Akayuki writes:

"The latest Media Create numbers are in, and it looks like Super Smash Bros. Brawl has been replaced by Gundam Musou Special at the top spot.

There are no PS3 games in the top ten this time, but an Xbox 360 title has managed to sneak in at #5.

Hit the jump for the numbers."

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THWIP3971d ago

There's not 1 single title on that top 50, that I'm REMOTELY interested in. o_0

soul3971d ago

When the time comes I'll listen to their opinions over any n4g user when it comes to gaming.

InYourMom3971d ago

#5 in Japan that is decent, considering the overall status of the 360 in Japan. No love for the PS3 at all in the top 10? ouch!