THQ Boss Says Wii Hasn't Won Just Yet

Speaking earlier today at the - where else - Morgan Stanley Technology Conference, THQ boss Brian Farrell has said that while the Wii's been going gangbusters so far during this console generation, it doesn't have things sewn up just yet...

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HarryEtTubMan3969d ago

lol duh PS3 is going to be out 8.5 more years and has barely begun. Everyone is waiting on the PS3 to win. It's going to in the long run.

Danja3969d ago

Well considering that the Wii sucks when it comes to 3rd party games...and because THQ is a 3rd publishers and there games tends to bomb sales wise on the Wii....he felt the need to say that...

hey it's the Gamecube all over again...

sak5003969d ago

Wii is like a barbie for casual/old/retarded/dead/injur ed/ people to pass their time. NO serious gamer could seriously look at their big screen tv without cringing at the eye sore of graphic. Let me see how many hours on can u play COD4 or your fav game in one sitting? And how long can u stand and swing ur arms around playing the pathetic excuse for games on wii?

Intrepid3968d ago

So I guess that this seventh generation of video game consoles is your first seeing as how you would have died from playing games from previous generations. The graphics on the N64 apparently would've stolen the life right out of you. For those of us who are fans of GAMES and have played them without discrimination over the past decade have learned to focus less on the shovelware games and notice the potential that Metroid and Galaxy have shown us that the Wii has. No, the Wii's graphics are nothing compared to the 360 or PS3, but they surely won't give you eye sores.

And as for your reference to retarded/dead people, I think it's time you've grown up. It's not funny.

pwnsause3969d ago

im surprised to hear something like that, they are already realizing that the only games that sell on the wii are party games and wii fit. Core gamers who have the wii buy the first party titles such as metroid, SSBB, and Mario Galaxy.

crck3968d ago

without slowing down then yeah I'd say this generation is done. Wii, ps3 then 360. But until they do its an open race for first place between Wii and PS3.

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