Official Xbox Magazine: New GTA IV hands on preview

There's a new hands on preview out from Official Xbox Magazine. Here are the minor new details coupled with a new screenshot of Niko's rocket launcher:

* In a dense neighborhood, there will be yellow lines at the curb adjacent to your safehouse that will save your car's placement.
* The traffic is realistically dense.
* Check your money supply at ATMs.
* Girlfriends will work similarly to in how you dated them in San Andreas, but it will be taken to a deeper level.
* You can eat a hot dog from a vendor to heal yourself. But if you bump his cart he will refuse service.
* There is an ice-cream truck called Cherry Popper.
* If you do not pay the toll booths at the bridges, the cops will be after you.
* There will be some character platforming elements such as shimmying along a roof's edge to climb to the top.
* You can call up Little Jacob at any time and he will arrive with a trunk full of weapons.
* Niko will not wear the full-face helmet when riding a chopper bike.

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ikiru33853976d ago

T-minus 54 days and counting....

Strife Lives3976d ago

The humor of GTA4. I used to think it was very funny,but now.. They wanted to make it more mature, but seeing screenshots that say 69's Diner, and Cherry Poppers ice cream,they shouldve made everything a bit more mature,without getting rid of the GTA flavour. Bt,nt to make it as lame as the radio stations or the humor of Saints Row.the humor in that game was so 'forced' ,it was lame


360 version FTW. The complete version. Sorry, droids. Better luck next gen. ;)

SUP3R3976d ago

Everytime I read more and more info it just gets me more and more depressed because I can't play the damn game right now!
54 days is right there, but still feels so far