More GTA IV artwork appears around New York

Since last week's report of GTA IV graffiti seen in Williamsburg (on the corner of Bedford and North 5th), three new instances GTA IV graffiti art have popped up around New York. Artwork of Little Jacob can be seen in Harlem on the corner of 112th St. and 1st Ave. The artwork of Manny and Elizabeta (along with one other) is located in the Lower East Side on the corner of 2nd St. and Ave. A. The last is of Vlad and the text "Liberty City Bar" is located in SoHo on Lafayette between Spring and Prince St.

Unfortunately these small sizes are all we currently have (provided by Gawker - where some better photos can be seen in the article's comments taken by visitors trying to score a free copy of GTA IV), but we'll keep our eyes out for some higher resolution photographs:

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We have also added some new GTA IV artwork to the site, found by Brotha. From Swedish magazine Level, this new artwork is very similar to an early drawing of another helicopter ride:

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TrevorPhillips3969d ago

looks like gta is takin over new york :D

Asurastrike3969d ago

Is this legal? lol

Great artwork btw. My school was recently tagged. Wish they would have done artwork like this rather than just tagging their name.

sumfood4u3969d ago

No more Delays makes it Better!