Game Revolution: Frontlines: Fuel of War Review

Game Revolution writes: Gas prices certainly are high these days, aren't they? It's enough to make you mad. Fightin' mad. So mad you might consider driving a hybrid like a hippie fruitcake. So mad you'll chance at taking public transportation. So mad you'll go invade a country and liberate yourself a friggin' full tank of gas already.

Nope, we are not describing life in today's world of four dollars a gallon - I just crapped my pants. This is the premise for the third world war depicted in Frontlines: Fuel of War. In this apocalyptic vision, oil demand has exceeded supply, leading to famine, pestilence, death, and - you got it - war.

The game's appeal rests heavily on its multiplayer Battlefield-style online matches, as Frontlines offers a single-player campaign only six hours in length. It is no Call of Duty 4 or Halo 3, but the various missions in the campaign, in which you play as a generic hero-soldier fighting to secure oil fields, are a good introduction to the Motor Trend-worthy collection of vehicles and gadgetry. Unlike similar titles, such as Warhawk or Shadowrun, Frontlines can't be faulted for not giving us something to play when the servers are down.

+ RC Copters and cars
+ Lots of vehicle types
+ Lots of role types

- Generic single-player
- Laggy, imprecise shooting
- Only one multiplayer mode
- Squad-only communication

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heretic923969d ago

isnt this story line basically the same as bf2142? all the world is getting frozen and everyones fighting over the equator for the decent bits of land same thing as oil is running out everyones fighting over the oil thats left