IGN: Mario Kart Wii Hands-on

IGN writes: It was a nice surprise today to come into the IGN office, content with our review of Smash Bros., only to find that Nintendo's upcoming arcade racer Mario Kart Wii (you may have heard of it) was waiting for us. We've had a chance to go hands-on with the game previously, as our own Craig "Yoshi is the Best Racer" Harris sat down for about an hour with the game just days before GDC, and our second outing with the game is none too different, although we now have far more time to spend with the title.

As a quick note, we're only able to cover the initial content available in Mario Kart Wii, which is based on the starting cast of 12 racers and 16 tracks, and while we're already unlocking the deepest, darkest secrets Mario Kart Wii has to offer, Reggie will destroy us should we say anything more.

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rootEXT3975d ago

This will the game that its going to make me buy a Wii, can't wait for this game

sumfood4u3975d ago

His best quote "I'm the Best!"

Rayko3975d ago

is a really classic game that I´ve spended many hours with. Hopefully I am not too old for this game. It is kinda sad when you think about it, when you grow up, there is less interest in gaming. Before gaming was soooooooo funny and friends were sleeping over etc. But now I have a family and a baby and everything is so grown up.

BrotherNick3975d ago

I feel like that now, and I'm just in school doing alternate side is becoming hectic. This game will bring me back to when I was 11. :)

SolidSnake933975d ago

If it is anything like the DS Mario Kart then it should be something good.

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