Phil Harrison Announcement

Say goodbye to Sony and hello to Atari and Infogrames

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permutated3971d ago

Lol, agreed.

I'm tired of seeing these gaming wannabe 'rockstars' that try to make us care about where they go or what they do.

Could someone remind me why Phil Harrison should even have an article? Aside from working for Sony, why should we care what's next for him?


DrWan3971d ago

if u own a playstation product or game, for the past 15 yrs he's probably helped getting that device to you. Same reason u should maybe check up on ur distance relaitve once awhile. Its too easy to say i dont care irresponsibly now a days, open the news section of the paper or hop on to once every few days...

tethered3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Amazing how some people hate Sony and the Playstation brand so much that they have to put down someone that they don't even know.

Why come in this thread if you can read what it is about?
I guess its just to try and get under our skin.

Phil is an icon in the gaming industry just as Peter Moore is. This is news and no matter what you guys say, it wont change the fact that they both have fans in the gaming world.

Deal with it.

Blademask3971d ago

Tethered, misdirected anger much? If your post is directed towards me.

I'm the biggest Sony supporter known to man. Phil has done major things for Sony.

Why should I not be happy that he is doing his job, at another company? It is probably a better opportunity for him. The sony that we all love, may not be what it once was. I'm hoping to god that its not true.

Everyone thats saying hes a traitor\BS, needs to realize that everyone isn't a fanboy. People want more money, and better opportunities. Everyone that is hurt that he left needs to get a life.

Deal with that.

tethered3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

@ Blademask
Not directed toward you and not angry at all, just humored at the hate.
Its just games people.

I agree with all you just said.

I wish him luck.

He very well could help Atari and Infogrames turn things around.

permutated3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )


Just because you care more about image and what the suits are doing, that you forget to enjoy games, don't take that out on me.

If you don't like my opinions, don't talk sh*t. Simple as that.

Secondly, just because I'm not a PS fanatic doesn't mean I don't like the company. I have a PSP, a PS2, and quite a few of their audio products. I'm sorry I don't religiously defend them like some of the morons on these boards.

It's a video game company, they're not paying you to stick up for them. Stop wasting your breath.

tethered3971d ago

@ permutated

I forget to enjoy games? lol
How would you know that?

What the hell are you talking about?

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kingOVsticks3971d ago

I hope he has the same impact on atari as he did for sony. It would be nice for him to even push the game developers to make some new exclusive ip's for sony and also make sure that fcuking alone in dark is released on the ps3 this year and not just for the 360 and pc hardware troubles my ass >_<

bootsielon3971d ago

I wish he was still SCEWW president, he is a very talented guy. It's a shame that he's now gonna have to work with the sh1tbox 360, I wonder what he'll say about developing for PS3 and/or 360, what his new stances are on DVD and Blu-ray sizes for games, etcetera. Will he dramatically change it? Will he make PS3 the lead platform on games? Will his expertise on all things PS3 help PS3 and/or 360?

I hope that Phil Harrison's growth means something good for gamers and the industry.

micro_invader3971d ago

I think the direct translation is ''he started acting like the way Bill Gates acts'' but that still doesn't make sense, at least to me :/

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