NYTimes: No Pity Party for HD-DVD Suckers

From NYTimes:

"From this week's mailbag:

In the last year, I bought an HD-DVD player and about 50 movies in the HD-DVD format. So you can understand my anger when I read last week that Toshiba will stop making these high-def DVD players.

What am I supposed to do now? What will I do when my current player stops working? How will I play all my HD-DVD movies in, say, ten years? You, as a consumer advocate with a prominent pulpit, should take on the case of all the customers who have been left hanging out to dry by Toshiba."

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sonarus3968d ago

very well handled sir.
No pity for people who bought HD-DVD's. They pretty much said they would make an announcement a full 24 hrs before they called it quits. You could have gotten rid of your movies then but refused. All signs pointed to blu ray so i just don't understand why anyone with any common sense would pick HD-DVD. Prices came down but nothing changed they were still losing.

va_bank3968d ago

>>>What am I supposed to do now?

Buy a Blu-Ray player.

>>>What will I do when my current player stops working?

Throw it in the trash.

>>>How will I play all my HD-DVD movies in, say, ten years?

You won't.

Hope this helps.

HarryEtTubMan3968d ago

LMAO of dumb gulliable BOTS. RROD, HD DVD, Pay for crap online(yea I do to honestly lol), no Wifi, no good games even coming except Gears which really is just another shooter.... its not OMGGGG the game XBOTS try to pretend because they have no games.

POO POO>> RRODCrustyButtbox

XiaoSet3968d ago

lmfao bubbles for you!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3968d ago

That was funny, no seriously it was funny. I even shot milk from my nose and all over the screen. You should use that on April 1st, that would be a great April fools joke. Here you do that joke and I'll say somthing like the PS3 "has games" ROFLMMFAO See that was funny because it's not true HAHA.

Shaka2K63968d ago

I dont know whats worst people that bought the paper weight h dud players and inferior semi-HD movies or the people buying the xbug 3fixme that will eveuntually RROD.

and for what h dud never had any decent movies in the 1st place and xflop 1.5 had nothing for 2008 the biggest game already failed to score AAA lolost oddysey.

vagina3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

people are fools if they think that combo drives aren't the future... as prices come down (i'm talking $50) for the HD drives manufacturers will be clamoring to add as many "features" to their drives as possible to make them look more attractive amongst all the other drives out there therefore they will feature "HD DVD" compatibility as a selling point, remember there are a million people out there that bough HD DVD players of some sort. thats a decent chunk of people that would love to buy a HD DVD compatible drive so when someone is walking around Best Buy looking for a new cd/dvd/hd drive and you have drive #1 for $50 that plays everything and drive #2 the plays everything and HD DVD what do you think they will buy?

ChanDangle3968d ago

Why would a company go out of its way to support a dead format. Just so they can lose more money. :smacks forehead:

But wait HDDVD players make good upconverters! Downloadable movies are going to be the next gen wave of the future. Please.

Expy3968d ago

Why add costs to support an obsolete format?

deeznuts3968d ago

Yup, they are fools, all of them! Did they not see how those combo vhs/betamax combo players sold like hotcakes during the 80s?

vagina3968d ago

vhs and beta where physically different you couldn't put one into the others player.... fanboys... such fools, zero reading comprehension... idiots.

AceLuby3967d ago

Whether or not the drive itself is different, the concept is the same. HD-DVD and BR are different, therefore you would need different lenses which means more parts and more cost on a) a format that only has a little over a million people who bought it in the first place and b) a format that will have FAR fewer movies. By the time combo players would reach $50 HD-DVD won't be a necessary feature.

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