Wii Live's Top 5 Channel Idea's

The Wii have a great innovative use of channels. Weather channel (doesn't work), News Channel, (rarely used), Everybody Votes Channel (decent…), and so on. And Channels we still have yet to get, such as Everybodys Nintendo Channel, Mario Kart Wii Channel, and more to come. By why don't we take a look at some channels Nintendo should start looking into? Here is Wii Live's top 5 Channel Idea's.

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Intrepid3976d ago

I love the idea of a Community Channel. However, I think that it should be combined with the Chat Channel since they both deal with communication. That'd be awesome.

Wardy3976d ago

I honestly can't see them bringing a chat channel any time soon and i wouldn't be too surprised if they never get round to it. There has been more than enough opportunities so far to implement voice chat, i.e. Mario Kart, but instead we have to make use of a selection of predicted texts in order to make any comments in game. Maybe eventually keyboard will be supported for more than it is right now, but will nintendo risk people being able to say f**k, s**t, c**t etc when there are potential kiddies around? who knows...

perseus3976d ago

Weather Channel works fine. What's the problem with it?

Wardy3976d ago

It's not that it doesn't work, it serves it's purpose fine. I guess it's just not as exciting a channel as people would like.

perseus3976d ago

Gotcha. Maybe if you could choose your own weather it would be cooler.

Snipes203975d ago

The DS had built in pictochat. The Wii should have WIFI pictochat with friends that allows you to hook up your DS to your Wii so that multiple people could communicate via DS and one person could use the Wii remote and a keyboard to chat, too. I think it would work just fine.

Speaking of channels, when will the stinking Nintendo for All Channel be released outside of Japan?

jinn3975d ago

xbox live has unlimited ideas