Why Downloads Won't Kill the DVD

NYTimes David Pogue offers six reasons why Internet downloads will not replace the DVD anytime soon.

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HarryEtTubMan3968d ago

Physical formats will ALWAYS BE HERE PERIODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, DOWNLOADD ARE WHAT WE CALL A.....Come on lets say it together.....

ALTERNATIVE. PERIOD. THERE WILL BE OTHER PHYSICAL FORMATS AFTER BLU RAY and if u think the world will never buy physical media again you really are Micro$ofts brainwashed FOOL(Insert: Power of Green)

Kakkoii3968d ago

You mean like how Blueray was an ALTERNATIVE to HD-DVD?


*Death shall come to disc's. The next generation of media won't be on disc's. Disc's are reaching there limit of how many bytes can be written on them and still perform well.

Downloads are the future, While hard media will become the "Alternative" for the people who like to have a collection of colorful boxes showing what they own on display in a cabinet.

pwnsause3968d ago

which will be a long time from now..

wAtdaFck3968d ago

OP is being very fanboyish, and it bothers me.

I agree with Kakkoii that Digital Distribution will be the future, but I think that it will run rampant after everyone's through with disc media. Blu-Ray still has potential to carry more space, i.e. 50GB isn't its max. But thats irrelevant. What is relevant is through what medium the average consumer is more comfortable keeping their precious HD Movies in.

For me, I like to keep my Photos, Music, and Videos in my computer HDD and my PS3 HDD, but I still prefer to rent and watch movies on Blu-Ray.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

"which will be a long time from now.." like the collection of movies thats already stored on my hard drives right now? Funny how it's always a "long time from now" with Blu supporters, but Netflix, MAC, Amazon, Time Warner, and Microsoft don't seem to have any problem delivering this content now. "It's in the future, THE FUTURE!!! hold on, BRB 300 just got done downloading" XD

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Snukadaman3968d ago

be it blu-ray or regular just is a little bit too long too download a movie on xbox live...until it takes less then 20 minutes it wins.

Robearboy3968d ago

And a team of British Scientists have just created a new type of broadband, according to the news report, this new broadband is able to download 15 movies (ave 1.5 hours long) in a minute, im sure if you scour the internet this will be confirmed, so DLC is more than achieveable and i personally can see it happening within the next 10-20 years.

Wytche3968d ago

This link is from one of the more sensationalist papers in the UK but seems genuine.

15 movies a minute? I'd like to see that. Not sure where I'd store it all though.

tweaker3968d ago

Bluray and DVD are safe for the next 7 years.

wAtdaFck3968d ago

This article was more like, "How Digital Distribution is catching up with Discs." I don't get where they were going with that article.

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