PS3 Bundled With Composite

HDMI port, Blu-Ray drive, Cell processor -- the PS3 will ship with everything needed for high definition playback. Everything except for high definition cables, that is.

The latest issue of Famitsu contains a first report on the cables that will be included with the Japanese version of the PS3. Purchasers of either the 60 Gig or 20 Gig models will get a power cord, USB cable, ethernet cable and standard composite AV cable.

That's right! No component, HDMI or D cables are included in the box! While Sony hasn't announced the wiring that will be bundled with the US version of the system, in Japan at least, those who want high definition cables will have to make a separate purchase.

Sphinx6260d ago (Edited 6260d ago )

Wow... just wow... they push HD so hard, but then don't include what you need to see HD! Well, mark up the price of the PS3 by another $99.
Then again, maybe its not that bad... I mean, Sony is all about giving the consumer choices :)

calderra6260d ago

Like whether or not to get BluRay? Heh.

power of Green 6260d ago

This can't be true although it might add an extra $20-$40 bucks but come on, people are already going to spend $900 bucks to get set up with some trimm-ins, what's an extra $20 or $40 bucks.

WhoDey996259d ago

Not sure why everyone is acting like this is a huge deal that was so unexpected. Sure, i wish better cables were included as much as the next guy but i didn't expect it. When is the last time someone bought a dvd player and the cables were included, or when you actually bought your hdtv was hdmi included. yeah the sales guy might have thrown it in but the tv manufacture didn't supply them.

Even with a 600 price tag sony is still losing money on the system. did you really expect them just to throw in these cables just to be nice.

calderra6260d ago

You have GOT to be kidding me!!!

Donkey Slayer6260d ago

They should included a hybrid composite/component cable just like the $399 360.

I've got component PS2 cable already and it looks like the same AV port on the PS3 but still, lame.

uxo226260d ago (Edited 6260d ago )

This is garbage, how the hell can you ship a system with a blu-ray drive, boast HD, and the system not come standard with at least component cables. I guess, it's like the old saying goes why marry a girl that's happily willing to put out at no cost. (Why buy the cow if the milk is free.) If the US market is willing to keep kissing sony's A$$ no matter what, maybe they should keep giving us the big boner!
So what's the next surprise, the actual online service is free but only for quick matches, if you want to play someone specific, you have to buy the premium service.
Oh well, I got one on pre-order yesterday, but the more I think about it, the more I feel that I should just sticking with my 360 only, and save a thousand bucks this holiday season.
I know it's only going to be 40 bucks or so, but these little addons are starting to add up.

power of Green 6260d ago

If the PS3 is anything like the PS2 you will be buying Add-ons anyways, down the road that is. I can't believe how many do-dads are out for the PS2.

crazyman6260d ago

Like the RvB reference, its a nice touch