This Is Vegas interview from GameTap

The city of Las Vegas -- or at least reasonable approximations of it -- has appeared in numerous games over the years, particularly with the advent of open-world games. But few of these games have focused solely on the Vegas experience: the partying, the gambling, and the exotic cars. That's what This Is Vegas is all about. While your main goal is to revitalize Vegas and bring parts of it back to its former glory, you can pretty much do whatever you want. Go to clubs and dance the night away, drive down the strip in your superexpensive car, or pick fights with a bunch of thugs outside a casino. But to even describe these activities in such simple terms really isn't giving them any credit, so GameTap spoke with Alan Patmore, the studio head at Surreal (the development team behind Darkan and The Suffering) to tell how in-depth the This Is Vegas lifestyle goes.

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Hydrollex3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

GTA and it will fail.

Screenshots look ugly

t-0_ot-3971d ago

Just being curious... But, why you posting in the Gamer Zone? Just the fact of having ONE bubble means something.. But, what ever.

What makes you think it will be so bad? You shouldn't judge something that you have no idea about.. And, why does it have to be like GTA, just cause it's a open sandbox type of game?

I think it has potential but if released near GTA then of course it doesn't stand a chance.. But, then again, what game does?

BigKev453970d ago

Game looks like it's going to be a crapper.