Opinion: Why Wii Shovelware Is a Good Thing

Chris Kohler of Wired writes:

Crappy, budget-priced Wii games like Rig Racer 2 and Pool Party aren't all bad. They don't spell trouble for the Wii. And in the end, they might end up being a good thing.

A quick glance at the shelves at any game retailer will reveal a host of slapdash B-games, churned out by publishers you've never heard of to make a quick buck off Wii's success. You of course should not buy any of these games. And you shouldn't let your friends buy them, either, unless you hate your friends.

But just because Nintendo allows these publishers to crank out garbage games for Wii doesn't mean they're bad people. In fact, it's a very healthy attitude to take towards a maturing market, one that could reap dividends for gamers in the long run.

You can't get a few minutes into a discussion of Wii shovelware without somebody asking, whether facetiously or not, "Whatever happened to the Nintendo Seal Of Quality?"

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Darkiewonder3975d ago

That ps3/360 have filtered out the crap.

TruthbeTold3974d ago

...insist that shovelware quality games sell for significantly lower price than games that cost respectable amounts of time, effort and money to create. I love Nintendo, I love my Wii, and I respect the fact that casual/party games are here to stay. But imo, there's no way around the fact that excessive shovelware is a bad thing for any system. I can only imagine how many new customers who intended to buy plenty of games have been turned away after getting ripped off by crap.


Nintendo should care.

It isn't a problem to have some shovelware or some B-games... The problem is when you have the predominant majority as B-games and real crappy shovelware. In fact, if you use both your hands, you almost can count Wii good (not "great" needed) games on your fingers.

And I'm not biased, so don't send to open... I'm not criticizing the Wii, for this matter Wii isn't the problem, the devs/publishers take on it is.

Fux4Bux3974d ago

They either need forced pricing scales or to filter out the garbage. Problem is that %90 of people who own a Wii aren't going to know a damned thing about any of the good games that aren't 1st party major Nintendo franchises. The system is just flooded with crap that drowns out even half decent things. PS2 was like that in a way since so many good classics got overlooked (like Okami) but that wasn't even close to as bad as the Wii shovelware.

Monteblanco3974d ago

I don't think is that much of a problem. I don't need to check reviews of the discount DVD table to know most of them don't deserve my money. New gamers may not have much knowledge about the industry but price should give them an indicator of quality. Eventually, some brands will get recognition and will be stronger than price. Every single market works like this and games will not be different.

ChickeyCantor3974d ago

"PS2 was like that in a way since so many good classics got overlooked (like Okami)"

If people claim they are "hardcore" how the hell did they miss this game? if you ignore the "shovelware" the good games should how did Okami fail to sell?

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