Individual Orange Box games hit retail April 9

Valve has confirmed to Joystiq that the individually boxed Orange Box PC games are due to hit physical shelves on April 9th. The separate SKUs, which will be available worldwide, consist of first-person puzzler Portal, caricatured multiplayer romp Team Fortress 2, and a crowbar double-whammy in the form of Half-Life 2: Episode One and Two. Valve has yet to officially announce pricing details, but retailers currently list Portal at $19.99 and the other two packages at $29.99 each.

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chasuk083931d ago

Are these coming out for ps3??

akaFullMetal3931d ago

rip off for 29.99 and 19.99 when the whole thing is 50 bucks on pc or on the consoles for 60, it is still more money if you bought them seprate.

iceice1233931d ago

20$ for portal? It is a great game and all but 20$ for 2 hours of gameplay?

uxo223930d ago

They're milking this cow for all she's worth.