See Through the Specs

There's nothing more frustrating than installing a much-anticipated game only to find out that there's absolutely no way it will play on your PC without a hardware upgrade. Nothing, that is, except finding that it does run, but only with framerates in single figures and all graphics settings set to low.

Do you soldier on, knowing that you are in no way experiencing the developer's vision? Or do you regretfully put the disc to one side until you can afford a better PC? One thing's for sure: the minimum system specs on the boxes of games are a misleading, meaningless mess.

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Fux4Bux3976d ago

Yeah minimum specs are always bull. They should rate minimum as running on medium settings at average 30fps.

PumPum3976d ago

I always consider the recommended specs to be the minimum specs.
The "real" mininum specs are a joke.

JDW3975d ago

If you follow the recommended specs as a guide for what you need as a minimum....then most games should work.

krauler3975d ago

consoles offer the best bang for the buck....
Always consider the price-performance margin