Sin City Video Game Goes Straight to the Source

The upcoming game won't be inspired by the movie or its sequel. Instead, the game will be based upon Frank Miller's original graphic novels. GameDaily go behind-the-scenes with Red Mile.

Currently, the game is just six months into production with a crew of 35-50 at Melbourne, Australia-based developer Transmission Games (formerly IR Gurus). Their plan is to build the game on three platforms -- Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii -- using the Unreal 3 engine, but Flint Dille (producer, writer and designer of the game) says he can't reveal much more.

"All I can say is that it will be heavily story- and character-driven, with multiple crossing story lines, and it will contain the same kind of violence, the same kind of sexiness, the same kind of edginess that are the hallmark of the graphic novels," Dille notes. "There will be a wide variety of things for the gamer to do, from fighting to shooting to driving. We're trying to deliver it all in a very stylized, very bold, very surprising way. What makes this so dangerous a project is that, quite frankly, the source material is so damn good. It sets a very high bar for us to hit."

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TnS4036d ago

I think the platforms are PS3/X360/PC and not PS3/X360/Wii, because the game uses Unreal Engine 3 and they said so in earlier GameSpot interview:

Jamegohanssj54036d ago

It's going to suck because:

Unreal 3 Engine
Movie based game

I don't have time for their bullcrap.

I hope what you said was true dude above me even though I'm not getting it at all.

The Genius has spoken.

kornbeaner4036d ago

Somebody didn't read the article. the game is being based off the graphic novel and not the movie. For someone claiming to be a genius maybe you should learn how to read before commenting.

Jamegohanssj54036d ago

Sorry, but I don't read garbage. Comic novel or not it's going to suck. The only game based on a movie that will not suck is Batman: The Dark Knight. I look forward to killing Heath Ledger in the end.

The Genius has spoken.

kornbeaner4036d ago

Based on your comment, its easier to just let you be.

4036d ago
jedistev4036d ago

I am Wii and 360 user...but saw news has lead me confused said unreal engine 3 and Wii... i feel if they are making Wii i am sure they use Unreal engine 2 or new Middleware Software...or new Unreal Engine for Wii

seems better wait and see

cos i'm sure everyone same as me 'Unreal Engine 3 on Wii????'

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