EA tells Jack Thompson to get bent

Kotaku writes: You might recall that last week Jack Thompson offered to come to Electronic Arts assistance in their attempt to try and buy-out Take-Two. (Funny enough, when I first emailed Jack about this he said he didn't care.)

Today Electronic Arts told Jack "thanks, but no thanks."

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Captain Tuttle4981d ago

Slumming himself around to an industry he exploits and supposedly despises..

mighty_douche4981d ago

Who is this guy?

I see his name raised on N4G all the time, Is he nothing more than jumped up American Lawyer with to much free time on his hands?

Captain Tuttle4981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

You nailed it md. He's also an Evangelical Christian with some fairly strong ties to the Bush Admin. He's basically been reduced to appearing on Fox "News" and scaring old ladies.

SilPho4981d ago

"Wow, that's about the nicest **** off I've ever heard"

That just made me laugh, funniest thing I've seen all day.

kenshin22up4981d ago

EA is acting like a child:

1. /cry somebody falsely accused my game
2. and tries to hoard every developer to themselves..

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