Tokyopop Starcraft Manga: Thundergod

A new Tokyopop Manga titled Starcraft: Thundergod by author Richard A. Knaak is scheduled for August 2008. The author has another two Blizzard Entertainment novels underway including a Burning Crusade manga titled World of Warcraft: Dragons of Outland Trilogy and a pocketbook novel titled World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon expected on November 2008.

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$15 horse for WoW made more money than StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty

Jason Hall, currently an indie developer and former Blizzard employee, has been sharing some really interesting stories from his long career in the industry for a while now. Some of them are truly insightful, while others may seem depressing.

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Sciurus_vulgaris211d ago

I’m a little shocked that StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty sold only around 6 million copies. The original StarCraft did over 11 million. Maybe Blizzard was too leisurely in releasing StarCraft 2? Starcraft 2 came out 12 years after it’s predecessor.

Plague-Doctor27211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Im surprised too. Starcraft was still a huge name in 2010. It was kinda the only new RTS around and other genres like MOBAs hadn't really kicked off yet. I do remember at the time sentiment around the game was
pretty angry the game was being split into 3 but I doubt that would have impacted sales to that degree

Sciurus_vulgaris211d ago

For a long time I believed StarCraft II sold on par or better than its predecessor. There was so much hype for the game. Plus it had a pretty strong E-Sports scene for a few years.

Myself and half a dozen friends all bought StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and played it religiously for a full year. While I bought the expansions, most of my friends did not. RPGs seem to be a generally low selling genre.

Nerdmaster210d ago

I'm not shocked at all. This was an early example of Blizzard being greedy. Instead of releasing a complete experience, splitting Starcraft 2 in 3 parts so it could make us purchase it 3 times if we wanted to know the whole story and play story mode with the other races.

Sciurus_vulgaris210d ago

I originally had that stance. However, Wings of Liberty, was just as long, if not longer than StarCraft 1. The expansions were of decent length too and added a good amount of additional content.

il-JumperMT211d ago

and people wonder why we are having mtx in everything. i blame the people who actual buy them.

Nerdmaster210d ago

It's interesting he used Brazil as an example of the importance of regional pricing. Nowadays many companies on Steam are setting their prices in Brazil as high as, if not more than, their price in USA. I simply refused to buy a few games when I noticed that's the case.

Extermin8or3_210d ago

This right here is the fucking problem.

210d ago

Wrath Of The Lich King Classic Release Date Potentially Leaked By Blizzard

Blizzard may have accidentally revealed the release date for Wrath of the Lich King Classic with an edit to the expansion's product page.

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Random Dungeon Finder Should be in Classic Wrath of the Lich King

The random dungeon finder existed in the original Wrath of the Lich King. It needs to exist in Classic Wrath as well.

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