Why it's Okay that 2008 is the Year of Video Game Sequels

Think sequels are such a bad thing? 2008 is the biggest year for sequels, and that's actually a good thing for you, me, and the industry.

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resistance1004003d ago

Well to be fair, theres alot of sequels but there is also alot of new IP being released. LittleBigPlanet, HAZE, Too Human, InFamous, Eight Days to name a few

permutated4003d ago

Alan Wake, Project Offset, Mirror's Edge...

The list goes on and on...and on and on.

toughNAME4003d ago

Just Cause 2 and Battlestations: Pacific :D

macalatus4003d ago

Proof: MGS4, Haze, GT5:Prologue, Resistance 2, SW: Force Unleashed (PS3 lead platform=no bugs!!)...and a whole bunch more!! To the 360 owners, I'm sure you guys are going to get some great games so game on!!

permutated4003d ago

Yeah, I love my 360, but I really need to get a PS3 for all the great games coming out.

After playing Uncharted I was sold.

Shaka2K64003d ago

Sonys year.

h dud = dead.
x360 = dead.

in just 2 months? whats next Sony, the free Home to kill and make live look like POS overpriced service it really is.

RAY0174003d ago

You forgot the game of the year RESISTANCE FALL OF MAN 2!!!