Sega: Pigeonholing Wii Only for Casual is a Mistake

Sega of America's Simon Jeffery has warned against publishers who are flooding the Wii with casual games. He said hardcore gamers shouldn't be "excommunicated."

"I do think going forward there is very much a place for the hardcore gamers on the Wii and there's a big opportunity for publishers to take advantage of that because we've seen the success of Resident Evil on Nintendo platforms, and I believe that will continue. But I do also believe that a lot of Western publishers are only looking at the Wii for casual and family gaming, and I think that's a mistake," Jeffery told GameDaily BIZ.

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wiizy4188d ago

hope that means we will see some good sega games on the wii.

Intrepid4188d ago

Thank you Simon. I hope this means that Sega is developing a killer new IP.

Monteblanco4188d ago

I am glad to hear that from SEGA. I hope we will see something more than words.