Heavenly Sword 2 - New Details Emerge

PSLegion reports:"Heavy speculation about making a sequel to Ninja Theory's Heavenly Sword was correct. Even more, Ninja Theory is considering making Heavenly Sword a trilogy, well it is huge trend this days.

So, Ninja Theory recently made some studies and polls where they took the opinions of several individuals. ..."

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resistance1004000d ago

Great news!

So gald they are continuing on with the franchise, the 1st was great on all aspects (apart from how short it was)

Lets just hope it hits in 2009 a long with God Of War III

Kain814000d ago

but the end was sad.
Why....Whyyyyyyyyyy....she must...
No spoiler lol

Nagthragarthoth4000d ago

Voice acting, cut scenes, combat... And the story was one for the video game ages. I think they will make to make the next one a bit longer, as that was pretty much the only complaint one could throw at this game.

kevoncox4000d ago

A lot longer. I hate short games. Some games can be short and be alright with me (FPS) but not action adventure titles. Part 2 must be longer.

fenderputty4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

COD4 gets away with it because of the multiplayer. HS needs to be longer. It was my only complaint. Otherwise, it was one of the best cinimatic experiences I had in a videogame. I ejoyed both play-throughs. The story line was compelling and the gameplay was fun. I was definately hooked after playing. I think that in part is why it's length was so disapointing. I really didn't want the game to end when it did.

I really hope they don't release this when GOW3 comes out. I'm going to get both but, I don't see that helping the game as far as sales are concerned. It wouldn't be easy on the pocket book either.

darkvenom4000d ago

is an awesome game imho.I hope they do make a 2nd one.

gambare4000d ago

It looks like the 2009 lineup is starting to get shape

kingOVsticks4000d ago

Its shaping up to be a bag full of VICTORY!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.