Are PS3 Entitlements Back? (Dark Sector Announcement Provides A Clue)

We all know what Xbox 360 Achievements are.

They've produced countless Achievement whores, and many see Achievements as a way to measure a gamer's success.

Today, D3 Publisher of America not only announced the Xbox 360 Achievements for Dark Sector, but also PS3 Entitlements for the game. Remember Entitlements?

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Sevir044002d ago

and the multiplayer seems different than most 3rd person action shooter offerings... I cant wait. and i hope Sony enforces it. finding easter eggs has always been a fun thing to do in games of yesterYear.

Jamegohanssj54002d ago

What are Entitlements? Then again who cares? I don't.

The Genius has spoken.

Marceles4002d ago

I've heard of Accomplishments, but not Entitlements

whoelse4002d ago

Entitlements or Accomplishments? Which sounds better. For me its Entitlements. Maybe. Hmm i cant really decide.

resistance1004001d ago

Accomplishments to be is basically sounds like something you have completed and been rewarded for whereas Entitlements to me sounds like something you can now play, because you completed something beforehand.

In other words both have slighty different meanings

ambientFLIER4001d ago

And both sound just as lame.

littletad4002d ago

Glad to see ps3 owners are getting something similar in this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.