Halo 3 Wins Visual Effects Award reports that Halo 3 may have lost out to the likes of BioShock, Call of Duty 4 and Portal in previous award shows, but the game has been honored with a visual effects award from the Visual Effects Society.

Montreal-based visual effects and animation studio damnfx, which contributed over 20 minutes of key-frame character animation to the cinematic sequences in Microsoft's Halo 3, announced that cinematics director CJ Cowan and his team at Bungie Studios have won an award from the Visual Effects Society (VES) for Best Real Time Visuals in a Video Game.

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Silellak4004d ago


I'm not a Halo 3 hater, or anything - the game is quite fun - but "Best Real Time Visuals in a Video Game"? REALLY? Compared to what, exactly? Halo 2?

BigBoy20004004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

For real! I'm neither here nor there with the halo series, but I have seen the third one in action, and I'm sorry, but it doesn't even stand up with the likes of CoD4 or Bioshock when it comes to visual effects.

Megaton4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Yeah, no kidding. There are numerous titles on both the 360 and PS3 that are more deserving of an in-game visuals award. Not to mention the 800lb gorilla in the room, Crysis.

I think this may even have some people at Bungie scratching their heads in confusion, thinking "...what?".

kevoncox4004d ago

I don't think so. I don't play tons of Halo but alot of people mose so quickly thru it they don't stop and take a look at what's going on awound. The in game wind and water effects are great. I also like the light that shines thro the forest canopy. People don't really understand how beautiful this game is.

gambare4004d ago

forest canopy was way better in Uncharted

moparful994004d ago

By that standard uncharted is far better... When you walk through water in uncharted the water ripples realisticly propogating out and away from your character, then when you exit the water your clothes eerily reflect their wetness... But beyond that crysis was by far the best looking game of the year but I guess they dq'ed it for being a pc game...

MasterChief28294004d ago

Best Visual Effects not best overall graphics. You guys are mixing the two up... makes me wonder about some of you...

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LightningPS34004d ago

Because I played Halo 3 and I was not impressed with the visuals all that much.

M337ING4004d ago

Is Crysis even considered at these types of contests?

gamesR4fun4004d ago

bought and paid for fair and square.

wow4u4003d ago

Do you have some evidence for your slur?

The game is *widely* praised for the entire experience. This includes its Visual Effects.

Please, if you want to talk nonsense, do it in the open zone. I can smell your jealous hate from here. Give it a rest.

rexor07174004d ago

Halo 3 has good visual effects, but nothing great. Call of Duty 4 has great visual effects. Uncharted rapes all of this. Then Crysis teabags all these Games.
Halo<COD4<Uncharted< Crysis.
So whats up with this?

etownone4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

another delusional sonyfan trying to convince himself and other that uncharted had hte best graphics on consoles.

in 2007, the game that won best graphics for consoles in every mag, website, and article have been either Call of Duty 4 or Bioshock.

I never heard Uncharted having the best graphics unless a sonyfan said so

moparful994004d ago

First of all this is visual effects smart @ss, second of all have you played uncharted? There is no rhyme or reason why uncharted was ignored as a graphical masterpiece... Could be an industry bias, I dont know but this game is amazing... No other game has ever had a character whos clothes looked wet when he got out of the water and then dried as he progressed.. Thats a huge graphical undertaking and naughty dog was screwed for being overlooked on this gem.....

etownone4004d ago

"Could be an industry bias"

hahaha... THAT's IT!! you solved it!! there was a secret conspiracy in the entire industry to make sure Uncharted gets overlooked.

That fact that websites like IGN say "there's still a fair amount of screen tearing and texture pop in" has absolutely nothing to do with it.

hahaha... thanks for the laugh (at your expense)

Perkel4004d ago

@ Etownone
IGN "there's still a fair amount of screen tearing and texture pop in"

pop in ? about 3-4 times or 1 second (there are textures but they change to better res. textures)
Screen tearing ? nope heres no any (i finish uncharted about 4-5 times)

This game has best graphic for consoles from overal graphic point but i think that Gran Turismo: Prologue is the most photoresalisic

London track FTW

So GTP>Cryis>Uncharted in my opinion. Crysis looks like game but GT is like a reality and uncharted is just beautiful (even all textures are handmade)

wow4u4003d ago


Thank-you. The only won praising HS, Uncharted and the rest of the PS3 library are emotionally attached zealots.

The *only* method to shut them up is to look at the piles of awards, and the metacritic average review scores.

All else is subjective opinion. The *REALITY* is easily verified. But, dont spin your wheels. The hate for Halo 3 (and Halo 1,2) comes from only one place: The jealous.

TRUE game fans have know what unmatched wonderful games they are.

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