Mass Effect PC Co-Developed by Demiurge Studios

Gamershell reports that the Demiurge Studios today confirmed that they are co-developing with BioWare the PC version of Mass Effect. Demiurge began working with BioWare during the final stretch of development for the Xbox 360 version, allowing the studios to collaborate closely throughout the co-development process.

Demiurge worked closely with the BioWare team to enhance gameplay with new additions, such as a third command wheel to allow players to direct their squad members separately, a completely reworked inventory system, fully customized key mapping and hot keys, and an entirely new minigame. Substantial attention was also paid to visuals and game flow, featuring higher resolution environments and characters.

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Regret3999d ago

Any new releases for PS3 soon? Cuz this looks bad :/

Sangria3999d ago

14k in PS3's mother land, that's quite freaking. Hoping Yakuza 3's release will boost PS3 sales in Japan.