Intel Talks Graphics: 10X Improvement By 2010?

Michael J. Miller of PC Computing attended an Intel Financial Analyst Meeting on Wednesday. At the meeting, Eric Mentzer, GM of Intel's Graphics Development Group, talked about "visual computing" (Intel's term for graphics), including both integrated graphics and "Larrabee," the company's upcoming high-end graphics processor. Intel noted that it is planning to advance the graphic processing technology by one generation a year for the next 4 years.

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mighty_douche4187d ago

More importantly, 10X hardware price by 2010? Because I'm finding it hard to justify current price's and i really dont want to lay my PC gaming to rest.

Kakkoii4186d ago

The prices don't matter. Almost every new advancement in this area will cost a lot of money at first.

But you can't just not do the advancements cause it's expensive. It needs to be done so we can move forward. They become cheap over time just like previous advancements.

All it is, is more complex fabrications, better designs and more advanced ways of doing things. It's not like there going to be making processors out of pure Diamond lol.

So the answer to your question is, Yes it will be kind of expensive, but over time it won't be. It's not like you HAVE to buy it as soon as it comes out -_-. (Mass Production + Automation = Cheap)

likeaboss3024186d ago

I'll tell you one thing even if Intel made a 10x improvement in their graphics line it still wouldn't even be as good as NVIDIA's midrange 9600GT.

TheIneffableBob4186d ago

For their integrated graphics, perhaps.
But I expect Larrabee to surprise us.

ip-student4186d ago

I do suspect the next generation of CPUs to include a larger number of cores. And with Intel's recent interest in gaming I suspect the next gen of consoles will have Intel inside. If the next gen includes the power to raytracing it will be interesting to see if people decide to use procedural generation and basically eliminate much of the development process when it comes to asset generation or if people decide to continue to do things the old way but provide amazing graphics (realistic people that cross the uncanny valley).