Bryan Intihar, Writer of 1UP/EGM Quits

Todd Zuniga from 1UP/EGM writes:

"Usually, I'm super-psyched to post about the newest Sports Anomaly, but this week I do it with a heavier heart than I've had in some time. The announcement comes as part of my "Hate it!" which is sort of like "hat it" which is sort of like "Money hat it!" Yes, what we say on the Sports Anomaly is true: Bryan Intihar is leaving 1up/The Sports Anomaly to play grabass in the development world. AKA: get more jewels in his money crown. AKA: make Marathon Running 2K9. AKA: leave us heartbroken and weepy."

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decapitator4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

This is definitely bad news for the companies under Ziff and especially EGM