Getting More From Your PS3

Three Speech new scribe James Holland returns for a run down on additional hardware to 'pimp'' your PS3. Over to James.

The PlayStation 3 is an amazing piece of kit, but most gamers only use a fraction of its abilities. Follow the steps below and you'll soon have a game station doubly worth shouting about...

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TheMART4190d ago

So how did this become news? A list of stuff to buy...

ruibing4190d ago

For once I have to agree, I thought the article was going to be a guide about tweaking and doing stuff with your PS3. Such as watching DivX/MP4 movies from USB HDD, Remote Play on PSP, etc.

heyheyhey4190d ago

well let's of stuff get's passed of as "news" here every day

this isn't nearly one of the worst- it's helping PS3 owners expand on their media pleasures and get the most out of the PS3's capabilities

and while it isn't a very detailed list, it's much better than some other articles

Kleptic4189d ago

wow mart...i agree for once as well...

and yeah...don't buy a crap PC surround system and think the 'wireless rear speakers' are better than the small hassle of running wires for a true home theatre system...if you are looking into a decent speaker system, stay away from video game related stuff and go straight to real home theatre will thank me later...

PirateThom4190d ago

Over £1000 is a budget TV these days?

games4fun4190d ago

but it fails, its just a blog, although it pains me i will agree with the mart, here is an agree marty

Kleptic4189d ago

three speach is pointless since Sony now runs their official blog...there are hundreds of things the PS3 can do, and it would be great to have a singular source with all the fine details of media streaming, Divx support, OS support, peripheral setup, etc...instead they post a garbage wall of other crap you should buy to take advantage of the system...

surprised they didn't say 'be sure and buy a television to hook your PS3 up to'...

TwissT4190d ago

If you purchase a 2.5 Sata hard disk does the Sony store install it for you, if you don't know how to do it?

hOoDnErD4190d ago

no they dont but there are how to videos all over the web to show you how.

RecSpec4190d ago

It's a fairly simple process, if you follow instructions and use common sense.

littletad4190d ago

The other day I found out I can upload my anime's to my ps3 and save them. That's freakin sweet.

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