GTA IV: New Trailer and Stickers Coming by End of March

The member OnizukaGTO (or Manny_Escuela) had the bright idea to write to Rockstar requesting information about GTA IV.
10 jours plus tard, il a reçu une lettre lui disant qu'aucune info ne pouvait lui être transmise. 10 days later, he received a letter telling him that no information could not be transmitted.

Also take a look at these pictures.



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poopsack4004d ago

Dont care about trailer unless its gameplay.

Hydrollex4004d ago

don't care about gameplay, trailer, screenshot, info unless it's the real game.


Slayer OP4004d ago

if thet show gameply then other devs will steal their revolutionairyt new game interface before the game even releases.

rareairtone4004d ago

I've appreciated seeing the game in-engine in all of these videos but they still don't beat actually being able to see gameplay. So many other companies show us gameplay before launch that it makes Rockstar look like they are being haughty; that no one really deserves to see the game until it's bought or when we see online reviews.

I expect these videos later this month to be trailers again, but I will be content only if they show off or subtly show off how the cars will look in the game, because as of now we've pretty much already can tell what everything else looks like except the "developer's trick" that is generated on things in the distance--the current videos really don't show it.

OOG FunK4004d ago

the hype machine for this game started late but is sure steamrolln thru

ChrisGTR14004d ago

i dont think it even matters much now that they have all the other 20 second trailers on the official website

jinn4001d ago

i cant wait for the stickers