How PlayTV Will Change Your PS3 for the Better

Sony's new-fangled PlayTV is proof that their long-term strategy involves PS3 becoming a media hub for all your entertainment needs, both at home and on the go; encompassing games, movies, TV, music, internet and more. It is also incredible.

Yep, PSM3 have seen the future of TV and it's a small, almost weightless black box that you plug into your PS3 via a USB2 cable. Plug the other end of the magic PlayTV box into a standard RF aerial cable carrying a decent broadcast signal and, well, that's it. Now just sit back, make a nice cup of tea and you can use your Sixaxis or Sony's BD remote control to browse the electronic program guide (EPG) and receive, record and program free digital TV through your PS3.

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mighty_douche4188d ago

Kick ass! I use Freeview now (got enough bills already to get Sky) and the layout, design, options are far better than my current freeview box, and the fact you can record! while playing games!!

I'm totally sold!

sonarus4188d ago

you can record while playing lol new info for me. I will need to upgrade my hard drive before the end of the yr. DO you know if you can record to an external hard drive?

Daray4188d ago

Yes I belive you can.

gonzopia4188d ago

From what I can gather, you record to the PS3 drive, and you can then copy it from there to an external drive, a USB stick, or a network drive. I'm not sure how Freeview differs from what we have here though, so I'm wondering how long it'll take PlayTV to be NA ready.

ARog344188d ago

But, I heard that US wouldn't even be getting this at all? Someone clear it up for me...

Plz say it isn't so, every PS3-PSP should get this.

hunter214188d ago

well if im not mistaken if us implimented the DTV theres a chance that we can have the sony play tv, DTV will be implimented in US around early 2009 for what i know.

Daray4188d ago

As of right now, PlayTV will only be released in Europe.

Scenarist4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

yea 2009 is when analog tv dissapears in favor of all digital signals
so yea i expect 09 release as well

omoshiroi4188d ago

They seem to be the big networks and PBS at the moment.
I get em over my basic cable. Is there more Digital channels I'm missing by not hunting on an antenna?
I'm not going to get digital cable or satellite though as it is a rip off. If congress ever allows a la cart channel subscriptions then I would, but being forced into those 200 + channels of BS is not worth it for me. I don't watch enough tv for that.

heyheyhey4188d ago

it's looking good

i think il celebrate by recording all that random late-night sport on channel 5

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The story is too old to be commented.