Worldwide Chart for Week Ending 29th February 2008


DS --> 379,573
Wii --> 375,643
PSP --> 206,367
PS3 --> 179,416
360 --> 152,619
PS2 --> 132,261

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Infolite89074187d ago

yea i agree with you abot the price drop thought with that MGS4 bundle comin out in june for $500 the 80GB N 40GB shud get like a 50-100 dollar price drop.

Hydrollex4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Umm Honestly PS3 doesn't have VERYYYYY VERYYYYYY good games right now and it's selling Great ! ( Except some old games like Uncharted, COD4, Resistance and .. )

Imagine when these games hit the stores what PS3 sells are gonna be

Killzone 2
Resistance 2
The Getaway
Eight Days
..... There are tons of them

EDIT: Oh Actually MGS4 comes in a bundle which is gonna be a badass. MGS4 + DualShock 3 = OMGGGGGGG PS3

Cartesian3D4188d ago

the number of PS3 exclusive megahit titles will increase exponentionaly ..

and in March 2009 with GOW3 , there will be no Console in History with that enormous line-up of games in every genre..

and about your list of games.. there isnt any member on this site who can name all of the PS3 exclusives in 2008,2009 .. :P so dont waste your energy , its a long list

Jeanne4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

"PS3 doing good !"

PS3 --> 179,416
360 --> 152,619

The real worldwide numbers are most likely

PS3 --> 200,000
360 --> 130,000

After getting caught with their January sales number lies, vgchartz essentially dug their heels in and are now claiming their 'numbers' are more 'accurate' than NPD.

Vgchartz has pretty much become just a site you go to lie to yourself that the 360 and PS3 are in some sort of neck and neck race worldwide.

kevoncox4188d ago

Sony needs another price cut this summer.
The lineup for 2008 looks stong but many of those games will fall to 09. I think the only system move for the ps3 this year is GT5. MGS4 will be amazing but it's not a system mover. MG5 however, will move units.

Sony needs 1 more price drop to have the
80 @ 399 and the
40 @ 299.99

That will force MS to cut their prices and stop eating like a fat pig on an overpriced consoles that should have had a price cut last year.
Sony is sellign at a lost and MS is selling at a gain.

Jeanne4188d ago

"20K units aren't going to get it done."

LOL! He's trying to pretend the vgchartz fantasyland numbers are real...

killer_trap4188d ago

from all the games you mentioned above only metal gear is a system seller in japan. and it's not that big of a system seller. the ps3 sales are really hurting now and it's 15,000 or less in the last couple of weeks. the fact that the ps3 isn't doing so well has hurt the whole of the Japanese 3rd party development community as their games don't sell to well on the wii.

and as much as i like western developed games i think the really exceptional ones come from japan most of the time. I'm just hoping it won't be too late to set things straight by the time the new final fantasy game is released.

if only the ps3 had some of the games released on the 360 in japan then it have been in a better position right now. i think good old Phil had a good reason to criticize the way sony japan has been doing business. i just hope things get better soon cause blu-ray winning didn't do anything in japan.

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Jeanne4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Vgchartz numbers use to be off by about +500k for the 360 and -500k for the PS3 a couple months ago. Nowhere near the +2 million for the 360 they were a year ago.

They've been repeatedly caught posting false European sales numbers as more and more people from Europe get and post reliable sales numbers from the two or three major retail trackers over there. The Others category use to be the main tool vgchartz used to inflate 360 sales since European sales use to be a total unknown to most gamers. People are now on to that BS and are actively calling them out on their lies.

That is why vgchartz has been forced to give up posting their usually somewhat accurate US sales data and go with the BS about "our 'tracking' is more reliable than NPD' since it is the only way they are keeping the 360 within a reasonable distance of the PS3.

360 worldwide sales are around 17 million.
PS3 worldwide sales are around a little over 11 million.

The PS3 will pass by the 360 in worldwide installed base sometime in December 2008 most likely.

moparful994188d ago

Kevon what are you talking about? MGS4 isnt a system mover? MGS4 is the ps3 most anticipated title since the system launched... Add to this that sony is bundling it with the 80gig and a dualshock and you'll see alot of mgs4's and ps3 being sold together....

season0074188d ago

hmm 35 months...but i honestly think it is going to overtake xbox360 before end of this year

maybe i am crazy but i think around 50k/week in low season means A LOT...

callahan094187d ago

This is actually a reply to 2.2:

How could VGChartz possibly get away with claiming more accuracy than NPD? For god's sake, does anybody even know who VGChartz are? Who represents them, who compiles the data? Does anybody know how or where they get the data? If I'm not out of some mysterious loop, nobody has a damn clue. To me, they have about as much credible at this kind of thing as my cat.

BrotherNick4187d ago

If it becomes 300 for a ps3 I'm sold. :D

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DarkSniper4188d ago

The month of February once again shows PLAYSTATION® 3 outselling XBOX 360 on a consitent basis during this week. Overall, Microsoft's console is spearheading itself into the bottomless pit of garbage home interactive gaming. Better known as "Waitbox" 360. Microslaves are frustrated at waiting for their console to arrive in the mail as they come to the realization that they could be enjoying what is the supreme interactive platform which is PLAYSTATION® 3.

Dark Sniper can only imagine that if PS3 is outselling XBOX 360 on a worldwide basis now, then the 1-2 punch of Metal Gear Solid and Grand Theft Auto will serve as a demolishing blow to the image and reputation of Microslaves worldwide as they take personal offense to waiting for their console to arrive in the mail while Sony Snipers continue to Play B3yond.

Waitbox 360
Hold on, wait a second...............Jump In


tidus0074188d ago

x360 sold 100,000 units in USA last week????????????

even M$ themselves wont believe that especially after Blu Ray's triump.

PS3 sales dropped from last week???

We should just stop with these VGCRAP numbers. theres no way x360 sold that much

The original sales figures could be

PS3 --200000
xBUG- 120000

I will wait for NPD number which would obviously prove VGCRAP numbers to be false.

expect PS3 to be around 320000 units on NPD and x360 around 150000/160000.

Hopefully thise month's NPD ends VG threads permanently at N4G

Mr Playboy4188d ago

Agent 007 tidus is back LoL

Kain814188d ago

its only an indicator nothing more. I would say that PS3 sold more than what they show us.
I would wait for NPD-data

fenderputty4188d ago

understand that NPD only does North America. VG isn't all that accurate but, it's a close enough guess.

actas1234188d ago

I always doubted Vchart numbers and thought they are off. But these numbers indicate that vcharts are completely wrong. I think they recently replaced the guy that does the stats with a real monkey. C'mon Vcharts, those numbers are NOT logical at all. The PS3 numbers are way understated and the 360 numbers are inflated. I think NPD figures will prove my point here, at least for NA.

gambare4188d ago

unless it favors the 360 right?

Kain814188d ago

i say this cause i think that sony sold more than that what VGcharts told us

7h3ultim8p004187d ago

Gambare he was doubting VGcharts because he thinks they downplay SONY numbers. In other words, HE IS ON YOUR SIDE.

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Hydrollex4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Seriously people, What Xbox 360 has that the PS3 doesn't have ? PS3 has more goods than Xbox 360 except the games are not enough

and as you know from Summer 2008, PS3 is gonna start to getting the most beautiful games.

Home is another thing that will be a system seller.