TheGameReviews: MLB 08: The Show Review


"Disappointment. Unpolished. Repetitiveness. Frustrating. All words that in one way or another summed up Sony's attempt at bringing an exhilarating baseball experience to the Playstation 3 last year. Not only were Playstation owners forced to wait six weeks into the regular season to get their hands on the game, but upon arrival, fans were met with whitewashed character models, even worse stadium textures, and a multitude of AI issues. So when SCE Studios San Diego told us that MLB 08 The Show would feature over 500 more animations, shift its development focus more on fundamentally sound gameplay, and feature a deeper more in depth Road to the Show we expected nothing less than a truly immense baseball experience. Expectations were not only met but surpassed resulting in one of the best sports sims of the past decade."

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Area_514187d ago

just got drop off at the door 5 min. ago, i just sent end for my new era hat....phillies one. Go Phillies!!!!

cain1414187d ago

I wish this was on 360 as well... I need a good baseball game...