1UP: Universe At War: Earth Assault Preview

Don't be confused by the influx of real-time strategy games showing up on consoles this year. Keep in mind, only two, maybe three, seem to warrant close attention so far, one of which is the upcoming 360 port of Universe at War: Earth Assault.

At the time of the game's well-received PC release last November, 1UP knew it was heading to Xbox 360; they just had to wait to see it in action. And while 1UP have to wait a few more days until they can go hands-on with Universe at War's promised cross-platform multiplayer over LIVE (expect a preview on that next week), they recently played through a large chunk of the campaign mode. The 360 version doesn't seem to have any noticeable differences from the PC game, save for the tutorials and the obvious major change -- its slickly implemented control scheme.

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