New Rayman Art and Images

Here are several new screen shots and art pieces for Rayman: Raving Rabbids.

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TheMART5902d ago

These games just fit nice on Nintendo consoles. And as hard as they always say they're not a kiddyconsole, they should just embrace that image.

The other consoles don't have that image, so they have their nice own nichemarket. Go for it Nintendo, Wii looks good, the proposition sounds good, the motion sensor controller is an innovation unlike the Sony Sidewinder MS rippoff one.

I will actually buy a Wii to have fun with Zelda, Mario and these games for my sisters childeren and probably play some golf, tennis and bowling when having a drinking night with friends. It'll do good on a party

FinalFormKing235902d ago

The console is very innovative and appeals to a larger audience. The remote is inovative and the games are really funny/ action packed/ great. My first set of games will be:

Red Steel
Excite Truck
Twilight Princess

My second set (when they are out) will be:


There are so many great games it is hard to slim this list down. Galaxy and Metroid appeal to my classic series love while games like Sonic and Rabids are pushing the sieres in a new direction, with many new ways to use the controller. All in all, the Wii is now #1 on my wish list.

ChickeyCantor5901d ago

i like nintendo but i dont see it as a kiddy console its just child-friendly, but thats me

i dont know about this game but when my brother said: rayman on the Wii kinda looks cool( yess he said COOL) and asked me if i would get it, i said dunno........i just w8 for some reviews