Star Wars for Wii a port of the PS2 version

Unfortunately, some companies have been remiss in their efforts to port games to the Wii. Because of the number of abysmal ports that have populated the Wii, gamers have, for the most part, conceded any hope of a great port on the system. According to Mark Combs, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Wii is a port of the PS2 version. Hopefully Star Wars on the Wii will restore some faith that ports on the system can be developed successfully.

"Well, the lead development has been done in Brisbane on the PS2, and that is the first point of call with all workings between Lucas Arts and Krome. So what we're doing here is taking the PS2 development, putting it on the Wii, and making all the Wii specific stuff here. So, lead point is PS2 in Brisbane, to make that clear." - Mark Combs (Producer of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)

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BrotherNick4183d ago

That's quite bad that they are still doing this, not buying.

iamtehpwn4183d ago

I couldn't agree more, it's a deal breaker.
PSP and PS2 content gets DUMPED to Wii.

I'm not judging Wii badly because of it's harder,
I just thought when I bought my Wii, I would be getting Original, solid innovative games like Nintendo Promised.

blynx1824183d ago

It becomes Cash-in central.... :(

Monteblanco4183d ago

It went from must buy to maybe in my list.

ChickeyCantor4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )


its funny, they port it to the PS2, most likely people who have a PS2 who still dont have a Wii will get the PS2 version....and then they will complain : its not selling on the Wii.

screw this, the ports are getting sad....although it could be a good game its still a damn shame

Kain814183d ago

it says that the wii get a Port from the PS2.

name4183d ago

Well spiderman 3 on the Ps2 was a port from the Wii's version.

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The story is too old to be commented.