The Hype Machine: Massive March?

MEGATONik runs down the most hyped games for the month of March.

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ikiru33854002d ago

brawl will be the biggest selling game this year. bar none.

hotzizzy4002d ago

What about Gears of War 2?

permutated4001d ago


Even though I don't think it will deserve the sales spike, Nintendo knows their marketing better than anyone.

The fact that the Wii has even survived thus far is proof.

I can't wait for Brawl, though.

hotzizzy4002d ago

I really like Rainbow Six Vegas, but I’m not sure if I’m going to get the second one - it looks like it might not have enough new features to make it worth another purchase. Maybe I’ll get it just to get back into playing Rainbow Six, since I don’t play the first one very often any more.

princejb1344001d ago

yea i aggree brawl is gonna be the biggest game of the year
as for gow2 is gonna be good but not ass good as brawl
remeber wii has outsold the 360 as well as ps3 so i predict about 92% of those wii owners will buy brawl cause of the wiis weak library
this may be the first step into a good wii game that will last