Rumor: Firmware 4.00 Details Unveiled For PSP ; Flash 9 Support, Quicktime and WMV Codecs and More

Here are the rumored list features rumored to be hitting later this month for the PSP. The rumored firmware is due for Release on the 18 of this month.

* PLAYSTATION 3 Network titles can be played under PSP [Remote Play] under Game. The PSP is then used as a monitor for any game playable in Playstation 3 game console.

*Real, Quicktime, and WMV audio and video codecs are now supported. Real, Quicktime, and WMV audio and video codecs are now supported.

*PSP web browser has been updated to allow compatibility with current websites.

*[Adobe Flash Player 9] has been added as a feature, using the Memory Stick Pro Duo as flash memory.

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decapitator4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

Hope this is true. I really want the PSP flash 9 support and WMV. Those are my two most wanted features for the system.

EDIT: Also, this peace of information adds a bit more fire to the Home rumor that's going around. Hope it all true.

Gondee4156d ago

wow, flash 9 would be a awsome addition.

StalkingSilence4155d ago

the wording is very vague. you can already download PSone games without a PS3. Browser compatibility with current websites? That doesn't even make sense.

The wording is very inconsistent with firmware lingo from Sony.

pwnsause4156d ago

what happened to that rumored divx support on 4.0?

decapitator4156d ago

It was "rumored", thats all there is to. But then again, the source that reported that rumor was not to be trusted.

zslash4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

At least the DivX rumor seemed credible. This doesn't. Most it falls under "too good to be true."

Also, some changes don't make any sense, like:

PSOne games can now be downloaded without a PS3

We've been able to do that for awhile now...

hokis4ever4156d ago

We can already do that, but you need the PSP connected to the PC/PS3... Maybe this is referring to the ability to directly download to the PSP through its browser.

Jamegohanssj54156d ago

The Playstation 3 needs flash support. Hopefully we get it in our next update, this summer, a long ways from here, hmm.

The Genius has spoken.

decapitator4156d ago

Yeah, the only reason I would want it is to watch youtube movies through the psp web browser instead of an application.

Skerj4156d ago

Man if this is true, PSP will cement its status as my favorite handheld of all time. All of those features sound WAY too good to be true though I'm psyched to see what happens.

Marceles4156d ago

waaaaaaaaaaayyy too good. I really wouldnt see any reason for them to ever need to update again if they put all of this in lol. All it needs is PS2 game support added to the list as well and the rest is history.

-EvoAnubis-4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

Here . . . I posted this on GameFAQs, and I need some feedback.

Okay, here's a rumor about a major upgrade to the PSPs FW (yes, I know this is the PS3 board; just follow me).

Ok, so the first of those two rumors seem a little iffy, but the second seems like it has merit.

Now we get into speculation.

Normally, the PSP and the PS3 see their major updates on or around the same time. Sony already said that they're shooting at less, although more significant, updates compared to last year. I really good time then to do an update would be around the time when they upgrade their other FW needing console.

According to the link, the PSP upgrade is supposed to happen on March 18th, which a Tuesday. This is consistent with several other FW updates to the PS3.

Now, as long as I'm speculating anyway, I might as well go further.

A FW update would be needed prior to Sony releasing a Home public beta. This is also assuming a lot, as I'm figuring that Sony will treat this beta in much the same way that Google treated their gmail service as a beta (actually, gmail is still a beta). As in, put it out there, still as a beta, and make improvements on it.

The reason a FW upgrade would be needed first is because some of the features of Home would have to be able to be accessed via the XMB. The public beta launching this month has been rumored since November, and again a FW upgrade will have to accompany that (if I'm correct), so that brings us full circle to figuring that we'll see a FW upgrade this month.

Opinions? Discuss.

BIGELLOW4156d ago

A firmware update is not required for Home, only a "game" download and install. It will be similar to the installation of [email protected] it will add an icon to the XMB to allow you to enter the HOME application. That is all.

Also, I agree with you regarding the first "too good to be true" rumor. For one thing, the messages leave too much room for interpretation, so it clearly wasn't written BY Sony. While this doesn't necessarily make the rumor FALSE, it DOES introduce even more "too good to be true" elements. For one thing, the ability to play PS3 games via Remote Play. The problem with controller buttons can be overcome (though not always gracefully) using the mapping abilities. However, there is no way to simulate SIXAXIS tilting features using the PSP. This would leave way too much room for confusion. They may work on a solution for this in the distant future, but they certainly wouldn't be introducing something this complicated at the same time as so many other features. It would be a support nightmare.

The first rumor, to me, just sounds like a laundry list of what someone would LIKE to have happen EVENTUALLY for the system. Throwing it all into one firmware update just makes this sound far from being credible.

The second rumor sounds more like Sony, and is probably not too far off the mark.

Finally, as for the release of Home (or the Home "open beta")... this is much more likely to occur well after a firmware update. So, I do anticipate a firmware update for both the PSP and the PS3 some time this month. And then, some time next month, the release of Home (or at least an "open beta".)

It is my guess that the second rumor is true regarding the PSP. Then, shortly after, we will see a firmware update for the PS3 to take care of some minor features that not too many people will be excited about. Then, next month will likely see the release (open beta?) of Home. Then, during the summer, we will probably see another firmware update for the PS3 which will finally bring in-game messaging, etc...

-EvoAnubis-4156d ago

You're the first person on any site to give me the response I was looking for. Bubbles for you.

NeonSkull4155d ago

It was my understanding that when home comes out it will be a firmware update, but with two versions. You will have the option to update with home and the option to just update without home. Also i remember you were going to be able to boot straight into home with out going to the xmb. I would imagine the beta being an application like folding but the final product is going to be fully itegrated into the ps3 firmware.

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