PlayStation Home to Be at OGC 2008 on March 14, 2008

Onaxis writes: "On March 14, 2008, Sony Computer Entertainment will hold a presentation for their online community, PlayStation Home. They will be doing this at the upcoming Online Game & Community Service Conference 2008. They will explain the title within details and such. We will be sure to update you next week".

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jkoz4182d ago

Look forward to hearing more info, hopefully some sort of release date as well.

Marceles4182d ago

yeah I would love a release date. I wished the title said:

"Playstation Home to Be on PSN March 14, 2008"..I think I would faint

skynidas4182d ago

Release date please!!!!!!

MikeD1594182d ago

i hope a release day as well

Sevir044182d ago

HOME experience. ^^ yes yes yes... bring on the news Sony bring it on

hotshot1274182d ago

i think this is finally when they will reveal a release date........or definetely by sony's gamer day.

Kain814182d ago

i heard on april but sony dont confirm it

-EvoAnubis-4182d ago

The sooner Sony gets that open beta out, the better.

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The story is too old to be commented.