Insomniac's Ted Price Talks 'Ratchet' Sales Surprises, New IPs

Posted by Stephen Totilo from Multiplayerblog:

"I caught up with Insomniac Games president Ted Price in Las Vegas last month at the DICE gaming summit. We chatted for 20 minutes about the PS3 debut of "Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction," plans for "Resistance 2" and even, briefly, about Surfer Girl.

I'm rolling this out in parts. The next one's coming later, today or tomorrow. I'm not sure because I'm also busy moving desks in the MTV newsroom (exciting!).

Let's start this Price DICE thing with some talk about "Ratchet"'s supposedly soft PS3 sales, why Insomniac doesn't make handheld games and… is he talking about new IPs already?"

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decapitator3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

My favorite devs in the industry along with David Jaffe's EatSleepPlay. I can wait to see what they start working on after RE2.

EDIT: Over a million for Ratchet ? Awesome. The game deserved it.

sonarus3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

david jaffe is one guy. Hard to find devs that stand out alone and not the dev team. David jaffe can be seen as such since he lead production for 2 of the best sony games. Kojima is another one. However insomniac stands out as a team. Don't think anyone can step up to them as of right now for next gen development. Releasing 3 HIGH QUALITY PS3 games in a span of 2 yrs??? is that even normal?
Also glad to know ratchet and clank also did a million units. Really is a stand out title for the ps3. Granted its not for every gamer and it can be viewed as a kids game it is a genuinely fun platformer.


Rice3932d ago
viva la resistance!!!

Panthers3931d ago

I think they have R&C bundles now too. That will help the game move more units like it should.

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paul_war3932d ago

Over 1 million for Ratchet & Clank worldwide, Vgchartz has some explaining to do, over 100,000 off!

xaphanze3932d ago

I'm getting my Ratchet and Clank copy soon.

TheDarkHado3932d ago

Their gaming cycles are crazy. There's some Dev's that could learn about meeting deadlines.

Brixxer6003932d ago

It's an excellent game and deserves to sell in big numbers.

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