PS3 preorders lead to eBay avalanche

Hours after retailers shut down pre-orders for the 400,000 launch-day PlayStation 3s, auction sites explode with offerings averaging $1,500 a pop.

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specialguest5899d ago

i think this is okay, as long as there's a limit to how many PS3s an individual can purchase. we don't want this to turn into a "ticket scouting" situation though.

SjaakHaas5899d ago

Damn i think i better sell my 360 (with 2 controllers, remote, 8 games, Xboxlive Gold, Harddisk, etc) for $400.

Then i only need another $1100 to buy a second handed PS3 without warranty.... ow man i cant wait until the day i can have the same experience on my PS3 as i had with my 360 back in the old days.

Deceased5899d ago

I can't understand what you are trying to prove with that statement. Do you have a brain?

Phil Harrison5899d ago

It's obvious you don't, I'm afriad.

EnforcerOfTheTruth5899d ago

I hope Sony will have also shortages for the Europe launch. I'll preorder at least 5 and sell 4 on Ebay and I'll easily earn me a nice 1080p HDTV. Just saw a nice 1080p HDMI LG for only 1500€.
It will be the first time I'll have a launch console but I don't need to worry, in Europe warranty is regulated per law, everything has 1-2 years warranty :-)