New Mafia 2 screenshot

See this brand new screenshot from 2K Czech's upcoming gangster title Mafia 2, to be fully revealed in upcoming weeks.


4 more shots added, see them all here:

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decapitator4001d ago

Is it crazy if I say that am more hyped for this game than GTAIV ? Because thats exactly how I feel about this title.

xhi44001d ago

I'm as pumped for this game as, well nearly as I am for GTA IV and L.A. Noire.

Hydrollex4001d ago

Mafia 1 storyline was 10000times better than GTA storylines. It was just heart breaking and I kind of felt I'm in the game.

GTA series always have the best gameplay.

PLEASE don't be a fanboy, don't disagree if you havnt play Mafia.

NO_PUDding4001d ago

Just wish it weren't in the 40's... the cars just aren't as cool.

It's the juxtaposition of conservatism while driving (due to cars great expense in the 30's) with complete reckless driving in these vintage cars that is an unexpected contrast that made the last one specifically enjoyable for me, as well as the storyline.

Undeniably better story than GTA.

mighty_douche4001d ago

With a little more polish on the backgrounds this is going to look fantastic!

Laexerias4001d ago

thats a nice effect with the clothing.. oh sh!t i love horizontal white stripes.

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The story is too old to be commented.