Xbox 360 HD DVD Emulator Drops From $2,999 To Free

Kotaku writes: "In December, Microsoft released a $2,999 Xbox 360 HD DVD emulator that allowed developers to test HD DVD projects on the 360 from a USB drive or networked PC. It was an easy way to check how a project would run on the console without printing endless discs (aka coasters, aka microwave fun)."

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Joey Gladstone3877d ago

I dont care what kind of PR guy you have...that is going to be one difficult negative to spin into a Positive lol....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

sonarus3877d ago

what are you talking about. There is nothing to spin hd-dvd failed and msoft is giving out free stuff. If i were you i would stretch out my hand and collect this free stuff. If anything it might end up in the trash but as long as i didnt pay for it

Skerj3877d ago

For some reason I want that. ..and I don't even know why.

sonarus3877d ago

off couse you want it, its FREE

Skerj3877d ago

I believe that's why.

Extra Guy3877d ago

That has to be one of the funniest comments i've read in a while, you made my day!

The Fungus3877d ago

What kind of day have you had, Extra?

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how about the hd-dvd add-on? they should give it away 2

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