PlayTM: Legendary: The Box Preview

With Spark Unlimited's new WWII title Turning Point: Fall of Liberty nearly out (you know, the alternative history game in which Churchill is killed by the taxi and Europe does succumb to the Nazi hordes), the independent developer which began life working on Call of Duty are now beginning to show a little more of their forthcoming FPS, Legendary.

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Joey Gladstone4002d ago

Legendary: The Box has huge potential, and could be a great addition to many gamers libraries....but based on everything that I have seen so far on this game, be it video, gameplay, etc.. it seems that it is seriously lacking some element or WOW factor to take it to that next gaming level....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

Brixxer6004002d ago

I know what you're saying but for some (me included), the enemies are all that is needed for this to have the WOW factor, i know that even if it's a generic FPS it won't matter to me and probably a lot of others, i'm just looking forward to battling those beasts.