Planet Gears of War - Gears of War 2: First Details

No extensive details have been confirmed for Gears of War 2 thus far, but with a little investigative work some reasonable expectations can be set. At the Game Developer's Conference Epic's Tim Sweeney, the master of all things engine-technology related, provided a demonstration of the new capabilities of Unreal Engine 3. It's likely that at least some of these improvements will find their way into Gears 2. Additionally, many interviews were conducted that provide some of the first insight into what we can expect.

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Boldy4185d ago

Wow an even bigger creature than the Brumak?? This game is startin to shape up to be epic.

Lich1204185d ago

I've always liked epic games, each in their own right. For that Im sure it will be great especially with all the tech improvements they're making on the second.

BloodySinner4185d ago

Enough of the game descriptions. I want to see videos.

4185d ago
RAM MAGNUMS4185d ago

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Shut your god damn droid mouth, scum. I don't have to read any of this to know you're a dumbass and should just die.

Gears is a marvel of gaming, both in visuals, gameplay, and in everything else. Bow down or step in front of traffic.