BlackBerry not taking iPhone innovations lying down

David Chartier of Ars Technica writes: "Research In Motion is taking its time preparing what it hopes will be some stiff business competition for the iPhone. While Apple is sure to bring some news of interest to the enterprise with tomorrow's iPhone SDK announcement, RIM still enjoys a significant business market and mindshare lead over Apple's first cell phone. Now that a new RIM patent for a touchscreen, keyboard sliding BlackBerry device has been uncovered, we know more about RIM's plans to maintain its grasp on business users despite Apple's announcements. If these RIM technologies ever make it to market, that is."

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PS360WII4002d ago

I'd hope not! While the iPhone is very cool it shouldn't be the only one pushing the boundaries. Someone had to start it now lets see how the rest bring us into a buying frenzy :)

Joey Gladstone4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

of a BlackBerry 8320......Great Phone, it really does it all...
......."The JOEY has Spoken"

Syko4002d ago

I'm rocking the Blackberry 8100 Pearl. So small yet so versatile.

The whole Blackberry line kicks ass.

Jrome4002d ago

Yes blackberry..please release greatness and shut these apple fanboys up about their mp3 phone that tries to call itself a smart phone :p

There goes all my bubbles ^_^.

Premonition4002d ago

I use to have toe blackberry but wanted to try something new something out there, so i got the iphone, its a cool device sure its not 100% smartphone but thanks to firmwares and the new SDK things can look good in the future for the iphone, either way at the end of the day i enjoy the phone and i still love blackberry.

Armyless4001d ago

Can meeesa has a new blackberry?