Kotaku: Silver PS3's Not *That* Expensive To Import

Kotaku writes: "I just know there are people out there reading this who want a silver PS3. Need a silver PS3. You've got a silver TV, silver DVD player, silver PVR and you just can not sleep until you get rid of that awful black PS3 and get one that matches your trendy technophile lifestyle."

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damnwrx4002d ago

60 gig is Perfectly fine...

Kleptic4002d ago

yeah i haven't found any of the colors to be overly more awesome than black...

just wish they would release some trim peices or something...I despise chrome...even if it was just a black sticker like thing to go over that chrome, I would be down...

Marceles4002d ago

To Catastrophe's report: That's the original title...with a heavy emphasis on *That*.