Why the Wii will outlast the PS3 and Xbox 360

When Nintendo first announced the Wii (or Revolution as it was originally known) at the Electronics Entertainment Expo way back in May 2005, many critics scoffed at how the console's technology paled in comparison to the might of the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3. The unveiling of the machine as Wii (remember all the hilarious jokes and puns?) and its motion-sensing controls were also looked upon with doubt in some quarters. How wrong they were.

Fast forward a couple of years and the machine is in an unprecedented position of strength within the industry. How has all this happened, you ask? Let Nintendic spell out the Wii's magic formula and how we reckon Nintendo has got it right this time, enough so to make sure that the Wii will last long enough to outlive the PS3 and 360.

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Joey Gladstone4187d ago

I could say that the Wii will NEVER outlast the PS3 or 360 because its not built for the future of gaming like they are....but then I can also look at it from a different angle and say that it will outlast them because according to all "Next-Gen logic" lol it shouldnt have Crushed the PS3 and 360 currently, and if it did that then certainly it can stand the test of time......
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

hunter214187d ago

couldnt agree with you wii is just innomative thats why lot of people want to have one, and i think most senior citizen uses wii for exercise activities, until now i cant believe that my grandparents are playing wii everytime i visit to there house.

iamtehpwn4187d ago

Actually, I believe PS3 and Wii will live for about 8 years.

Exhaust4187d ago

Out of all the hatred going back and forth between PS3 and 360 fans we all disagree with this article. Once you experience awesome graphics AND gameplay its hard to go back. Atleast for me...

I own a Wii but it gets far less play time than my PS3 or 360. FAR less. If it wasn't for No More Heroes I probably wouldn't have touched the thing for several months. Never played the GC Smash Bros so I'm not super hyped for that. Mario Kart with a plastic donut still not getting me hyped up.

gambare4187d ago

the wii is the less expensive console of the group, and many people buy the wii because it got a lower price and not exactly for the great gaming lineup

Exhaust4187d ago

LOL you agree with "the 360 fanboy" Exhaust. Thats a good one.

I'm only a 360 fanboy in comparison to the hardcore Sony fans on this site.

But thanks for agreeing anyway i guess. :)

ColdWinter4187d ago

if u never played smash bros then ur missing out on one of the best games ever.

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pwnsause4187d ago

i love it when people just dream.

ItsDubC4187d ago

This "dream" has a historical and factual basis tho. More often than not, the console w/ the more powerful hardware has "lost" to the other console(s) in its generation. The PS2 has outlasted the GC and Xbox, the PS1 outlasted the N64, the Gameboy outlasted the GameGear, and all current data indicates that the DS will outlast the PSP. Current data also indicates that despite the Wii's comparatively weaker hardware, it has surprised and is outpacing its competition.

pwnsause4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

so what do you call the snes? a weak system? the wii is as powerful as an xbox, its using last gen hardware. not saying its a crappy system, cause I played it and its very innovative because of its remote. But sooner or later when people start buying HDTVs, whats going to happen? will people contnue to play in 480p? in my opinion it has a 4-5 year life span, not 10.

BloodySinner4187d ago

...don't forget you'll eventually get tired of swinging a remote.

moparful994187d ago

Look here's the general consensus, the wii is selling so wildly because it appeals to non gamers. This is a group that doesnt spend alot of money on games. True the nintendo faithful are buying it as well which is why the hardcore focused games like metroid, zelda, and mario sell so well... Outside of these games very few do well on the wii.. As all of those previous ps2 owners begin to migrate to the next gen consoles expect most of them to stick with the playstation name for its constant innovation and high quality games...

ChickeyCantor4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )


Sega had stronger hardware but it wasn't as " easy" to develop for.
(think about " mode7 " that was used in many games ( you know that wannabe 3d effect")
SNES was compatible with custom chipsets within the cartridges.

it wasn't "weak" but it was weaker comparing the specs.

but i guess the SPC-700 was " better" then the sega FM chip, it processed wavesample, thnx sony =D.

kevin11224187d ago

you have to remember tho, the ps2 wasnt some weak system when it was released. The wii is considerably old tech for releasing in 2006, i just dont think it will have the legs of the ps2.

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heyheyhey4187d ago

definitely not for the real gamers

it's just a side gimmick, a minor curiosity for all but the kids and grandpa's

gotta love the 1000s of "analysts" getting publicity every day on N4G though

LaChance4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

the analysts have always proven themselves to be xrong.You know why ? Simply because nobody can tell the future.
They were the ones saying the ps3 was going to die.They were the ones too who said the 360 was going to be crushed by the ps3 the way the ps2 did to the xbox.They were the ones who said Nintendo would finish last this generation when they are actually first today.
And its true they are way too much analysts on n4g spitting their nonsense

fenderputty4187d ago

I jsut crave to know what these people are so excited about. O -well ... to each their own. Most people I know with Wii's want another system be it a PS3 or 360.

This gen is going to be an interesting one. I don't really think anyone is going to be the clear winner. Only time will tell though.

Utalkin2me4187d ago

Well IMO, I think wii is new to alot of people. But i have been playing with a gyro mouse for years now on the pc, which you move the mouse in the air just like a wii controller, for Pc games. I know alot of people that love the machine for short periods. And i havent played the wii in several months since i bet zelda. You can disagree all you want until they show me something truly inovative it will sit and collect dust. Maybe the wii fitness board will help, Just have to wait and see.