Oblivion to get extra content on all platforms

We already knew that Oblivion would be coming to the PS3, but it was revealed earlier this week that Bethesda have been working on added missions for the PS3 version, something that was not made immediately obvious. But after an interview with IGN, Todd Howard, Executive Producer of Oblivion, confirmed that all gamers will get to see the special pack.

Scrooge6396d ago (Edited 6396d ago )

PS3 owners are in for a real treat, this game is awesome! They also get Ninja Gaiden which is awesome too. I hope they enjoy these titles as much as I did.

Boink6396d ago

they have pretty much given ps3 owners no reason to buy the game on the ps3, since it will be the same game as the 360.

seems like a strange move on bethesda's part. some exclusive content would've made it sell more on the ps3.

Donkey Slayer6396d ago

Incentive to buy is if they haven't already played it of course. Same as always, just like when the xbox received PS2 ports or the PS2 received cube ports.

I wouldn't buy it again just for the slight graphical upgrade the PS3 version is getting. I'm done with it. Maybe ES:V ;)

Sphinx6396d ago

...they make good games and let as many people as possible have the chance to play it without missing out on something by choosing to play it on only one console. Keep up the good work Bethesda!

USMChardcharger6396d ago (Edited 6396d ago )

yeah i kinda thought they would do this but after the PS3 version was out for awhile.

just to give the PS3 version some difference. but still spread the love to everyone else later.

Cyclonus6396d ago

haven't played it in months, but it was definitely a great game.

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Christopher1h ago

Not a bad thing. They've even shown excitement at what the update could bring to making things better for them. More work? Yeah. But, still a good thing overall.


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coolbeans1h ago

-"Subverting expectations with a well-lit area being the most dangerous possible."

Maybe I'm just misinterpreting the intention here, but well-lit areas being the most dangerous is a basic building block for many stealth games (old and new).